Präpositionen – Prepositions

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Präpositionen – Prepositions

Präpositionen stehen vor:

- Substantiven/Hauptwörtern (on the table, in the street, with love)
- Eigennamen (in Brussels, with Jane)
- Pronomen (you, him)
- Nominalphrasen (my dear family, my beloved wife)
- Gerundium (walking, talking)

Nach einer Präposition kann niemals ein Verb stehen.

Die englische Sprache kennt ungefähr 150 Präpositionen. Zu den am häufigsten verwendeten Präpositionen zählen on, in und at. Weitere wichtige Präpositionen sind: aboard, about, above, after, against, as, before, behind, beside, between, but, by, during, except, into, like, near, off, on, over, since, than, towards, under, until, up, via, with, without.

Lokale Präpositionen - Prepositions of Place: at, in, on

At, in und on zählen zu den lokalen Präpositionen, die eine Angabe über die Örtlichkeit geben.

  • at für einen bestimmten Punkt
  • in für einen in sich abgeschlossenen Raum
  • on für Oberfläche




at the door

in the car

on the wall

at the bus stop

in Germany

on the ceiling

at the top

in the village

on the carpet

at the old tree

in a box

on the cover

at the entrance

in a car

on a page

Lisa is standing at the entrance.
Meet me at the old tree.
I left my keys in the car.
I store my pictures in a box.
There is a spider on the ceiling.
Is that a stain on your new carpet?

Temporale Präpositionen - Prepositions of Time: at, in, on

At, in und on zählen auch zu den temporalen Präpositionen, die eine Angabe über die Zeit geben:

  • at für einen präzisen Zeitpunkt
  • in für Monate, Jahre, Jahrhunderte und lange Zeiträume
  • on für Tage und Daten




at the moment

in 1920

on Fridays

at noon

in the past

on Monday

at 11.30

in summer

on Christmas Day

at 6 o'clock

in the next year

on my birthday

at sunset

in November

on Good Friday

I can’t talk to you at the moment.
We’ll meet at 6 o’clock.
He was born in 1920.
We could visit her in November.
The shop is closed on Fridays.
My parents want to come over on Good Friday.

Übungen: Präpositionen – Preposition Exercises

Setzen Sie die jeweils richtigen Präpositionen in die Lücken ein. Es gibt jeweils nur eine richtige Lösung. Die Lösungen finden Sie untenstehend.

1) You can see his shadow __________ the wall.
a) on
b) in
c) through

2) I would rather have a hot dog ___________ a soup.
a) instead of
b) instead than
c) instead for

3) I noticed that they have nothing __________________
a) in common
b) in common of
c) in common at

4) ____________me, I will attend high school next year.
a) As to
b) As from
c) As for

5) ____________ an emergency, you have to call the police!
a) In case to
b) In case of
c) In case after

6) ____________ his mother, we have to move into her house.
a) According from
b) According
c) According to

7) Carol had to leave earlier ____________ the storm.
a) because in
b) because
c) because of

8) The festival was cancelled __________ the bad weather.
a) due to
b) due of
c) due because

9) I stepped on her foot ____________.
a) at mistake
b) on mistake
c) by mistake

10) I was waiting _____________ the museum.
a) in front
b) out front of
c) in front of


1) a
2) a
3) a
4) c
5) b
6) c
7) c
8) a
9) c
10) c

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