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Um ein unverfälschtes Ergebnis zu erzielen, benutzen Sie bitte kein Wörterbuch oder andere Hilfsmittel. Die Punkte werden addiert, für jede falsche Antwort wird Ihnen jedoch ein Punkt abgezogen. Die Punktezahl erfahren Sie am Ende des Tests. Viel Spaß bei Ihrem Online Englischtest! Für Informationen über Englisch Sprachreisen nach Malta besuchen Sie bitte unsere Partner Maltalingua.

  • How many people in your family?  
  • What the time?
  • I wake up at nine o'clock morning. 
  • How is a house in London? 
  • Where are you going Saturday?
  • come to my Birthday next Friday?
  • What did you do Bournemouth last weekend?
  • Is your English better?
  • I am to the shop.
  • Paris the most romantic city.
  • Cambridge isn't Oxford.
  • He was jogging when I him yesterday.
  • Last Tuesday I to the Gym.
  • did you do yesterday night?
  • What time to bed during the weekend?
  • Do you like London? Yes, .
  • I'm afraid I don't have .
  • This pencil is mine and that pen is .
  • Please me that book?
  • I to England for a long time.
  • What language
  • She came to Scotland .
  • My father never out in the evenings.
  • London?
  • car is the red Porsche?
  • I haven't done my home work
  • My sister doesn't speak French. I don't
  • That's the apartment
  • If
  • She asked me how small .
  • My friend let his car yesterday.
  • , what would you buy?
  • I chocolate last year, but I didn't.
  • I'm the movie on Friday.
  • I'm not French.
  • The movie was excellent. It's .
  • I have problems English.
  • When I lived in Austria, I a lot of beer.
  • I wish Chinese.
  • What will you do when this course?
  • The Queen the new hospital yesterday.
  • I'd rather English than Italian.
  • No sooner in through the window than the door bell rang.
  • We're having the meal at .
  • If John hadn't known the boss, he the job.
  • I'd sooner a violin than a flute.
  • I need to go to toilet.
  • It's about time her home work.
  • It's 6:00am and the bus arrive at 5:45am.
  • We regret that your son could do better.
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